In the beginning …

Thank you for your patience with the blogging experiment.

Some of my associates write extremely good medical or social pieces using social media or web-based open-access publishing. They make it look easy and are an inspiration. They are such an inspiration that, today, I thought I would try to make my contribution to the global knowledge base.

So I was reading some Twitter streams and discovered that someone that I know and greatly admire was following me on Twitter. And that handle led to their website blog, whose contents inspired me to lay this foundation. I now hope that it can maintain some momentum and potentially contribute to The Greater Good.

So this is a skeleton. We will see how much flesh we can hang off it and maybe some day bring it to life. We may even mobilise about the streets of academic conventia and terrorise a few inherited perspectives. That is to say, I don’t expect to modify the Truth, so much as the Perspective. And make it look pretty too.

I can’t really teach you, but I can show you what I do and try to explain why, if you wish.



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